9 Reasons Why You Need Custom Packaging Company

Custom packaging is an essential but still overlooked part of your eCommerce business.

When you own a business that’s shipping products to people, you’d want a custom-sized box to protect your products from getting damaged, while at the same time provide the most value to your customers.

At Pak Packaging Company, we understand that packaging is an essential aspect of the final product that reaches your customer, you’d need a custom packaging company to help you achieve your goals.

Many think that companies that offer these kinds of services are expensive, and finding personalized packaging makes things more complicated but that’s not true. Quite the opposite. These companies make sure that you get a customized well-designed box for your products without having to pay high prices for their service.

How to Choose A Packaging Company

Below are some of the main reasons why you should work with a customized packaging company to drive your business success.

Custom Size Boxes for Any Shaped Items

When you are choosing a package for your products that’s custom-made, it reduces the risk of them getting damaged during shipping.

Standard packages are not the best idea especially when your products are oddly-shaped, heavier than usual, and of various sizes.

It’s difficult to secure such items inside a standard box, even if you’re using padding or disposable peanuts.

With custom boxes however you don’t have to deal with such problems because the box is custom-made specifically for your product.

Customized sized boxes are an option you should definitely consider especially if you’re shipping fragile items. They will keep your product secure in one piece during transit and you won’t have to worry about it arriving at its destination safe and sound.

Save Money by Using Custom Packaging

Ordering standard-sized boxes to ship your products can come with many problems.

They might not be the appropriate size as they can end up being too big for your product. Then you’ll have to waste more money on extra packaging materials that don’t do the job, or you’ll have to buy yourself a different box.

Instead of putting yourself in all this trouble, ordering customized packages that fit your product perfectly and don’t add any extra weight can make your life easier.

By using custom-made boxes you can also get discounted rates at shipping companies or even at your city’s postal office. In the end, customized packages can overall cost you less than standard-sized boxes.

Increase the Product Quality Perceived by Your Customers

When the final product reaches your valued customer, the first thing they get to see is the packaging.

That’s the chance you have for making a great first impression, which is crucial to how your customers perceive the quality of your product.

If you have an elegantly designed customized box, it increases the value of your overall product and your customers will already perceive it as a high-quality product even before opening it.

Putting this slight extra effort to improve the image that your customers have of your product can be the difference between having a business that’s doing okay, and having one that’s thriving.

Boost Your Sales with Attractive Packaging

Imagine two scenarios. The first one is a poor packaging option that provides no value to your clients; it’s just a standard brown box. The second one is a custom box that looks attractive, increases the perceived quality of the product, and keeps it safe.

Which one would you rather give to your customers?

If you value your product and your business you would definitely choose the second option. It enhances the overall appeal of your brand and keeps your customers happy and more likely to repeat such purchases.

Build Your Brand Awareness with Unique Packaging

Instead of using a plain cardboard box, with the help of your custom packaging company you can design unique, visually appealing packages with your brand name and logo printed on them.

This improves the image people have of your business. It will make you seem more trustworthy, professional, and that you care about the experience your clients get. People appreciate this and this will, in turn, make them long-term customers.

There’s a reason why giant companies spend so much on brand recognition.

Reinforcing your brand is one of the most crucial things you can do for your business’ success.

Add Value to the Customer Experience

The unboxing experience is an extra touch you can add by using customized packaging.

People love product boxes as you will see from many unboxing videos on YouTube and reviews made only for boxes that a product comes in.

It’s a great feeling to receive your exciting new possession in a beautifully designed custom box. It feels like opening a surprise gift, even though you know what’s in it.

Because people enjoy seeing others open new products in uniquely designed boxes, it has become a social media trend and part of influencer marketing strategy.

Create Social Media Hype with Packaging Marketing

Since the influence of social media nowadays is immense, you can use this to your advantage.

People love to share on social media products they’ve bought, especially if they are visually appealing and attractive. By providing your customers with custom boxes that enhance your brand will increase your chances of having your product featured across social media.

This way, other potential buyers will get a great first impression of your product and perceive it as a high-quality one, and they will want to purchase it themselves.

Eco Friendly Packaging Can Benefit the Environment

A great number of people these days are environmentally conscious and make their purchasing decisions based on the company’s stand on sustainability.

Taking this into consideration you can also make your custom packaging environmentally friendly, especially if your brand aligns itself with sustainability and minimizing your impact on the planet.

Using custom packaging gives you the opportunity to invest in reusable and recyclable materials. And you can still have your own unique brand image by using woody, natural cardboard texture.

Stand Out Packaging Persuade People to Buy Your Product

Customized packaging gives you the opportunity to make your product stand out.

People are visual creatures and are intrigued by products that look unique, attractive, and inviting.

Even if your brand is about simplicity, you can still have your product stand out by designing a simple, well-designed, elegant box that will make consumers want to get informed about it or buy it impulsively.

Getting Started with Custom Packaging

In Conclusion

Putting the extra effort to deliver a beautiful final product to your customer can make all the difference.

It can enhance your brand awareness, which is one of the most important aspects of a successful business.

That’s why hiring a custom packaging company is a smart investment. It will save you time and money while at the same time making long-term customers loyal to your brand by showing them that you care.

A well-designed custom packaging can help you do all that.

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