5 Reasons How Packaging Helps in Advertising

The packaging is one of the most important aspects of marketing a brand. Some companies have realized the importance of packaging. They consider the same to be a part of their marketing mix: the 5th P after Product, Price, Promotion, and Placement. Promotion or advertisement goes hand in hand. The packaging is like the book's cover about which you heard from a friend (word of mouth advertisement). If you like the cover, you will buy the book and then possibly read it. But if you don't like the Read more [...]

9 Reasons Why You Need Custom Packaging Company

Custom packaging is an essential but still overlooked part of your eCommerce business. When you own a business that’s shipping products to people, you’d want a custom-sized box to protect your products from getting damaged, while at the same time provide the most value to your customers. At Pak Packaging Company, we understand that packaging is an essential aspect of the final product that reaches your customer, you’d need a custom packaging company to help you achieve your goals. Many Read more [...]

7 Well Known Advantages of Custom Packaging in Brooklyn, New York

For a large number of retailers in Brooklyn, custom packaging is noted as being a sub-optimal utilization of operating funds. For them, “custom packaging in Brooklyn” is just another real way of suggesting “branded packaging,” and since buyers know that is mailing the package, what’s the aim? In truth, custom packaging is really a somewhat more sophisticated than that. And with the current focus on DIM delivery and logistics reevaluation, plenty retailers are researching the added Read more [...]

7 Reported Advantages of Custom Packaging in Los Angeles

For several stores in Los Angeles, custom packaging sometimes appears as being a use that is sub-optimal of funds. To them, “custom packaging in Los Angeles” is simply another method of saying “branded packaging,” and since shoppers know already that is shipping the package, exactly what’s the matter? In fact, custom packaging is a bit more frustrating than that. Along with the current focus on DIM delivering and logistics reevaluation, a great number of retailers are learning about Read more [...]