The Basics Of Custom Packaging Printing Services

custom packaging printing

The term “custom packaging” refers to the customisation of a normal product or service for marketing, trade, advertising or sales purposes. This process of customising product packaging is also referred to as bespoke packaging. A company may undertake this procedure either as an add-on to the original production of the same product, or as a complete replacement. For example, a chocolate manufacturer may create molds based on the features of the various types of chocolates and then apply custom packaging to each and use different wrappers to mark the different varieties. Packaging is one of the most important aspects of the marketing mix of any company. Packaging is often utilised in place of wrapping, to present an unappealing piece of merchandise to the customer with the aim of making them more inclined to purchase the product.

Some companies specialise in creating custom packages, often turning an ordinary object into a work of art. Examples include turning an ordinary vase into a wine holder or a credit card holder into a miniature beer bottle. These specialists are able to turn even completely unremarkable objects into a work of art. In addition to turn-off products, custom packaging printing services can be used to mark and promote new products. Companies often use this service to coincide with the launch of a new product or service, or they may choose to commemorate an event by creating customised tins for promotional reasons.

Many companies now use custom packaging printing services to produce promotional or sample packs for their clients. For example, some supermarkets will print the name and logo of the company on individual packs of coffee, in order to make these packs easily noticeable at check-out time. The same strategy can be adopted for other food and drink items, or sample sizes of particular brands. By using custom packaging printing services, companies can make sure that their particular brand is being noticed, even by people who would normally pass by without having the opportunity to look at the details of a pack.

A number of companies also utilise custom packaging printing services to add personality to their goods. For example, the sports drink distributor might want to create distinctive design elements which will help customers distinguish their brand from that of competitors. Another company may want to add a message, seen as unusual, to its own product – something that makes the product stand out. In this case, custom package printing services can help by producing unusual shrink-wraps or ribbons, which will then be attached to the packs of drinks or food.

Packaging experts also offer custom packaging printing services which focus on different aspects of a product. Some specialists will print a logo or slogan on the side of a pack, whereas others will print the entire front of the pack (including the name and address) in a single colour. In addition, specialist printers can print tooling marks, or the raised portions that line up to form the seams of a product. Tooling marks are sometimes printed in more than one colour, increasing the total visual impact. As well as tooling, custom packaging printing services could also print slogans, branding graphics, and company logos – everything from a simple text to a complex image, often created using computer-assisted design software.

Finally, many companies choose to outsource the creation of their packaging, which is typically done using lithography. Lithography involves the use of metal in order to imprint large objects – such as posters, booklets, business cards, and CD holders – and is commonly used for mass print runs. However, it is not just large items that can be printed using lithography. Small products such as key chains, pens, wristbands, key chains, key fobs and lanyards can all be printed with ease using high quality, laser lithography technology.